PTI Proposes Rs 93 Bln For Agriculture, Rs 12 Bln More Than Previous Govt, Says Minister

Punjab Minister for Agriculture Malik Nauman Ahmad Langrial said on Wednesday the provincial budget 2018-19 carried Rs 93 billion for agriculture sector that was Rs 12 billion more than the budget allocated for agriculture by previous government in 2017-18 budget.

In a statement issued here, the minister said the PTI government was fully aware of the importance of agriculture and plight of farming community, adding another Rs 15 billion amount was allocated for extending Rs 250,000 interest-free loans to farmers.

He said the farmer-friendly Punjab budget 2018-19 carried big relief for farming community and farmers' bodies had largely welcomed it.

The Punjab Agriculture Minister said the previous government wasted huge resources on building roads, bridges, Metro buses and train while totally disregarding the genuine needs of the people particularly farmers.

He said the 'Change' slogan of PTI was actually meant welfare of farmers and large scale human resource development.

Langrial expressed the hope that with the execution of government's policies, the agriculture sector would emerge stronger and exemplary.

Nauman Langrial said that many initiatives were being taken to improve exports of agriculture related products, adding that huge resources would be utilized to upgrade agriculture sector to improve financial standing of farmers.