The Climate Crisis is Real

The climate of our one and only planet is deviating from the normal. Not slowly, but rapidly and drastically. The threat of climate change has become so imminent, that it is not just a danger for the upcoming generations, but it is very daunting for the current generations as well. The dire consequences of the change in climate have been reported by the United Nations scientific panel recently which may show signs as early as 2040 – wildfires, food shortages, death of coral reefs, heavy floods and heatwaves are just some of the anticipated disasters.

Who is responsible for the looming crisis? The answer is obvious. We, humans, are the reason why our planet is dying. The greenhouse effect is one of the major causes of global warming. Certain gases in the atmosphere trap heat, which would otherwise escape to space. Human activity over the years has increased the percentage of these greenhouse gases more than 40% which has led to the warming of the Earth. If continued this way, it will be the end for us.

As climate change unleashes its fury, Pakistan seems to be among the countries that are threatened most by it. Being a developing country, Pakistan does not have the resources to cater for the adverse effects that climate change has brought upon us. The repercussions are greatly variable. Frequent rains and floods in some areas as compared to droughts and increasingly rising temperatures in others. The heatwave in Karachi in 2015, took the lives of more than a thousand people, and disasters like this are only getting more and more frequent with time. 20 million Pakistanis have been affected by hydro disasters since 2010. The fast melting of glaciers means floods for the present, and lack of water for the future.

It is time for us to wake up and let the reality sink in that we have made frightful damages to the place that always has been our home, and always will be.