International Wheat Market Report 25th October 2017

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Wheat futures were fairly quiet on Tuesday, as most CBT and KC contracts were within a penny of UNCH. MPLS was steady to 4 3/4 cents higher. The USDA Crop Progress report showed pla疣坴疧趏疣腱痪瞞橸܅)܅ 㺣痨帉痨Ѐ瑖ӽ華يৼ܅ �৻彿Ӿ奋Ӿ巫ӾṾৼ⋚ৼ彿Ӿ⋎ৼ塚Ӿ⋚ৼꍈԃيৼ學Ӿ漸ԃ圔Ӿيৼ圞Ӿ圭Ӿ華W) )扜瞎'ܛ䐺痨暼瞞ܛ) ܛ 㺣痨ܛ€華ܛ€䀷痩ܛұܛ㵶痩ܛپৼ樓Item⍞ৼCount頻磻ܛ氼ۿܛۿ씢痩汀ۿ⨞�䥷ӾṾৼ⍞ৼ�ԃ⋎ৼۿ卵華ӿն謁ᡸ�ԃ⋎ৼW⍞ৼ㨼ŀ襤謁凜W若直W若筀ʠ謁ᡸWW筀ʠ䀹ᡠt᨜蟴疣Љ므܆鲬ұ蠯疣殐ۿEo毤ۿ뻸܄뻸܄씢痩毨ۿվৼi窱ﱄ﫜﫼먙ӽվৼ毨ۿi窱ﱄ﫜먰ӽﱄ

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