International Wheat Market Report 28th November 2017

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Wheat futures saw front months in the CBT and KC contracts 5 to 7 1/4 cents lower, as nearby MPLS was down 13 1/2 cents. This morning’s USDA Export Inspections reports showed wheat 疣坴疧趏疣腱痪瞞橸܅)܅ 㺣痨帉痨Ѐ瑖ӽ華يৼ܅ �৻彿Ӿ奋Ӿ巫ӾṾৼ⋚ৼ彿Ӿ⋎ৼ塚Ӿ⋚ৼꍈԃيৼ學Ӿ漸ԃ圔Ӿيৼ圞Ӿ圭Ӿ華

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