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PAR has transformed the Pakistani agricultural landscape by introducing price discovery & information transparency which has allowed farmers and businesses to make decisions based on data.

Field in Punjab.
Our Story

We are on the mission to increase agri data access

Players in the agri-supply chain seemed to not be well equipped with appropriate and timely data, which would lead to mismanagement of crop cultivation and lower yields. PAR’s clients have benefitted from our advisory and digital information services over the years, such as climate & crop advisories, price discovery, crop surveys, crop reports and analyses. From 2011 onwards, PAR sought to enable agriculture players to improve their business performances. 

Rama Lake is a lake located near Astore in Gilgit−Baltistan, Pakistan. It is situated within the Astore Valley, which has a light covering of oak trees and other greenery.

About our company

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Rama Lake is a lake located near Astore in Gilgit−Baltistan, Pakistan. It is situated within the Astore Valley, which has a light covering of oak trees and other greenery.
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Our Greatest Milestones

First Crop Surveys

Realizing that data on Pakistani commodities was extremely sparse and difficult to find, Rehan Shoukat began collecting data through crop surveys for the commodity trading house, Fund Marketing International (FMI).

Company Established

Pakistan Agriculture Research (PAR) was established in November 2011. The company was founded by Rehan Shoukat, President of Fund Marketing International (FMI).

Company Expansion

Pakistan Agriculture Research (PAR) was set up to focus on providing information services to the agricultural supply-chain across Pakistan and globally. Through various subscription packages, PAR began to sell the data it collected and processed.

Services Restructured

As the agri-tech wave took root in Pakistan, PAR consolidated its products and services to facilitate clients that required and needed access to primary, timely and accurate data. This includes crop prices, crop volumes & estimates, water positions, crop surveys and climate and crop advisories.

Launch of Consolidated Agri Platform

By bringing its various services under one banner, PAR digitized all its services and products under a single digital platform to increase the ease of accessing agriculture data, research and information all on one portal.

Ghasharib Ali Shoukat - Head of Product at PAR (Pakistan Agriculture Research)
Ghasharib Ali Shoukat
Head of Product at PAR
A Word from our executive

Weaving the agricultural fabric across the supply chain

"PAR has embarked on the responsibility of accurately enabling price discovery for commodities in the entire Agri supply-chain. We aim to structure a system that enables farmers to utilize our climate and crop advisory and access to markets to make informed decisions when it comes to their produce. Together, we play our part to ensure the food security of Pakistan. Our ethos is to be a socially responsible enterprise that empowers farmers, traders, industrialists and agriculturalists by ensuring access all agri related information to reconfigure crop management in Pakistan. Our vision is one in which everyone benefits, be it our clients, the farmers, traders or you."

Our Vision

Ensure Pakistan’s Food Security & Remove Barriers to Accessing Information.

Our vision is based on increasing farmer yields and productivity, cutting losses and ensuring farmers and other players have access to important data and information. Our decade-long data bank and research capabilities allow us to disseminate information on key commodity projections. This enables our agricultural and industrial clients to make strategic decisions. We believe that if these clients are well equipped with the necessary data, the entire supply-chain will subsequently benefit.

Farmer using PAR’s Kissan Dost application in the field. And inspecting the paddy crops.
Our mission

Increase Agricultural Price & Data Transparency

PAKISTAN AGRICULTURE RESEARCH (PAR) is a premier agri think tank and research house. Our mission is to be the market leading agricultural research firm in Pakistan. We hope to boost farmer productivity, reduce losses and introduce sustainable farming practices. We use our vast network of farmers and research abilities to address issues of inefficiencies in the current agricultural market. We aim to ensure connectivity across the supply-chain.

Our Approach

Research and Development

PAR conducts quality research that encompasses all aspects of the commodity supply chain through publications, reports, insights, commentary and analysis.

PAR agronomist inspects the field with a farmer.
PAR Phutty monthly price comparison report.

Statistical Information

PAR creates unique, primary, non-competitive statistical information and disseminates these stats which are available to access on our dashboard or in our reports.

Data and Insights

PAR publishes data on key agro-commodity projections to enable our clients to make strategically informed decisions.

PAR collects, processes and publishes data on estimated production and consumption of agricultural commodities to enable our clients to make decisions.
PAR supports business clients through reliable data enabling them to improve performance and grow their business.

Business Development

PAR supports business clients through reliable data and advisory on markets for input and output, enabling them to improve performance and grow their businesses.

Capacity Building

PAR optimizes digital solutions to build farmers' resilience and improve crop management to produce better yields and adopt sustainable farming practices.

PAR - Aerial view of fields in Punjab, Pakistan.
Farmer using PAR’s Kissan Dost application in a Canola field.

Digital Transformation

PAR facilitates the use of modern digitized research systems to connect major players to improve the agri ecosystem.

Our Team

Meet the amazing team behind PAR

Our Values

The values that shape everything we do at PAR

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Accurate Data

PAR’s research team collects and verifies primary data from mandis, rural communities and towns across Pakistan.

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PAR is committed to providing authentic information to its clients.

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PAR is Pakistan’s premier agri-think tank operating within the digital economy.

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PAR seeks to empower and connect agri players who in turn improve farming and business practices.

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PAR promotes sustainable farming practices that ensure Pakistan's food security in the long run.

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PAR connects and works with players across the Pakistani agri-supply chain.