Price Discovery

As agriculture commodity prices fluctuate, price discovery becomes essential to stay up to date with current market trends. PAR ensures customers always have access to the general commodity market outlook for commodities we offer through time-tested methods.

Sacks of grain being sold in a market (Ghalla mandi, Jodia bazar)


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Make decisions strategically based on accurate and verified prices.
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Keep up to date with the latest commodity prices across Pakistan.
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Access current and historical prices to track trends and average rates.
Corn, maize field stretching into the distance.



Collect price rates across Mandis and Bazaars nationwide.


Verify these prices with our representatives and researchers.


Compile the prices through our time-tested methods


Provide the prices in a report with charts, tables and commentary for PAR's clients.


PAR's clients access the prices.                

Take decisions strategically using Pakistan's most accurate agricultural data.