ECC Approved New Sugar Export Quota: 28th March 2017

Initial ECC Report 200,000 M.T. Approved and instead of 45 days it will be within 60 days. 225,000 M.T. extended until 30th April 2017 and New 200,000 M.T. until 31st May 2017

State Bank of Pakistan Approved Sugar Export Quota Status

Total Approved Quota 222,392 Metric Tons
Sugar Mills Quantity in MT Status
Hunza Sugar Mills Ltd 45,404 Approved
JDW Sugar Mills Ltd 36,321 Approved
Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills 19,916 Approved
Mehran Sugar Mills 19,520 Approved
Shahmurad Sugar Mills Ltd 11,050 Approved
Two Star Industries Pvt Ltd 10,560 Approved
Faran Sugar Mills 9,439 Approved
Fatima Sugar Mills Ltd 9,355 Approved
Sindh Abadgar's Sugar Mills Ltd 8,778 Approved
Adam Sugar Mills Ltd 7,300 Approved
Husein Sugar Mills Ltd 5,938 Approved
RYK Sugar Mills Ltd 5,928 Approved
Habib Sugar Mills Ltd 5,200 Approved
Shakarganj Mills Ltd 5,000 Approved
Thal Industries Corp 3,034 Approved
Sheikhoo Sugar Mills 3,018 Approved
Iteffaq Sugar Mills Ltd 3,008 Approved
Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Ltd 3,000 Approved
Ramzan Sugar Mills 2,405 Approved
Sindh Abadgar'S Sugar Mills Ltd 2,340 Approved
Huda (Fauji) Sugar Mills 1,900 Approved
Jauharabad Sugar Mills Limited 1,110 Approved
Al-Moiz Industries Limited 1,036 Approved
Digri Sugar Mills 1,000 Approved
Chaudhry Sugar Mills 600 Approved
Kiran Sugar Mills Ltd 500 Approved
AS OF: 27th MARCH 2017

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